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Keeping up to date with the new technologies is mandatory in this industry. But over the past year I have witnessed my growth of passion for this industry. And it keeps getting bigger by the day. It is like going out for doing the grocery shopping. It is a vital activity, but if you enroll yourself in it, it becomes a habit.


I was born in a generation that grew up with this modern technology. What started with playing videogames turned into passion for solving problems and building my own systems. Helping other people with their PC-problems. And houres of browsing the internet for technical problems that were above my skill. I think it is very important to know how to search and solve. Ofcourse is this statement built on your fundamental knowledge.

Unlock the future

As I took my first chance of stuying in IT for granted , this time I mean business. I've been given an amazing opportunity to start working at Reynaers. It has brought me to where I am today. Apart from launching me into my better future, I have also got to learn some of the most important skills to work in a team. How to cooperate in a team, learning from others and giving that experience on to others. I am very happy with how I changed in the past years. None the less, I feel like with my studies going on, and improving my knowledge. It would be the next big step to actually be able to work in the IT-field.


Classes I took & passed so far!

  • February 2015

    My first class: Design

    Involved working with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. Knowing the basic fundamentals of designing websites based on UX. (grid, golden ratio, banners, navigation, logo's,...)

  • March 2015

    Network Technology

    IPv4 subnetting, computerarchitecture, OS , packettracer

  • May 2015


    Developing websites, using HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript.

  • June 2015


    More practical course: troubleshooting, port-forwarding, subnetting, apache2, dhcp-server configuration.

  • October 2015

    Applied Maths

    Goniometry fundamentals, goniometry applications, functions, collions, coordinate systems, matrices, linear transformations.

  • November 2015

    Advanced Networking

    -Packet analyzing with Wireshark
    -Port Forwarding – Linux LAMP + PhpMyAdmin
    -Drupal, Wordpress of Joomla
    -Iptables; Linux NAT Router + DHCP-Server + DNS Server as forwarder
    -Web based config of routers/firewall
    -Windows Active Directory
    -AD Use, SQL-Server
    -Security op mappen met Domain-Accounts
    -WPA2 Radius on Windows
    -Virtual Webhosting, DNS + IIS + Apache , Apache .htaccess + ISS Directory permissions
    -Introduction virtualisation: HyperV, VMware,...

  • March 2016

    Programming Skills

    XAML -IDE, Datatypes en variables
    -Selectionstructures - share problems (subroutines / functions)
    -Timer - Random - Stringfunctions -Conversion functions - Debugging
    -Menu & toolbars, events
    -Loops, using list- & combobox
    -Enumerations & Arrays
    -Stack & Heap, Callingmechanisms
    -Read & write to textfiles
    -Using good & consequent code

  • April 2016

    Server Side Scripting

    - Content Management System installing & modifying
    - Client/Server
    - HTTP protocol
    - PHP Scripting
    - HTML Forms + Processing
    - Statemanagement
    - Registration of time allocation

  • May 2016

    Object Orriented Programming

    - Classes, enumerations, converting datatypes.
    - Webinterfaces
    - Sorting algorithms
    - Override

  • June 2016


    - Introduction to RDBM's
    - MySql combined with php.
    - MySql Workbech

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Jeroen Verlinden

Servicedesk agent Cegeka / Manager Wickit

Hello world, my name is Jeroen Verlinden! I am a 26 year old man, born and raised in Belgium. I work fulltime as a servicedesk agent for Cegeka. I also run my own hosting & webdesign company Wickit. In the past I started out as a warehouse operator where I was able to learn a lot about the logistics industry and its operations.

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